Malaysia Airlines Flight 370..No Updates?

First I want to say that my heart/prayers go out to the families of all the passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  I can’t imagine being in their position and wish I could do something to help the.

First I want to say how surprised I am that no one can find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  I can’t help but think some sort of conspiracy or underlying issue is going on.  With all of the technology and radar today it seems very weird that we can’t locate a single piece from this plane.  I feel as if whatever happened to this plane is being done in a calculated effort to obfuscate it’s path/current position.  It seems to me that all of the flight tracking/gps/black box equipment must have been disabled prior to it’s disappearance because it’s clearly not sending a signal.

Other questions I also have:

  1. Can’t locate anyone iphone/android that was on the plane or there last known position?  Seems like a no brainer….
  2. No satellite imagery to find it’s last known position?
  3. Not a single phone call, text or email with last known position from any of the people on the plane?
  4. No distress calls from pilots at all prior?
  5. How tight is the security in the air port in which this airplane took off from?

Things that concern me are the lack of help from the Malaysian government.    There is also some interesting history on Flight 370 Copilot that raise some red flags or cause for concern.  But, the captain (Zaharie Ahmad Shah) was a self proclaimed “Tech Geek” who lived and breathed aviation.  He has logged 18,000+ aviation hours with a perfect record prior to boarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  He joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 giving him 30+ perfecting his craft.  I would say this is enough to believe there was no pilot error involved.

Also, while there was 2 Iranian men that had stolen passports on this flight, I feel as if there would need to be more than this in order to orchestrate some sort of terrorism on this plane (unless a bomb or remote device).  People use fake passports on a regular basis to get in and out of countries for various reasons (drugs, immigration, etc…).

I am glued to the internet search for updates on this because I feel there needs to be justice and closure.