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Sick Poker Hand from Last Week – Flopped Quads and Lost

I played a pretty sick hand of poker recently.  If this was at smaller stakes we would have hit a jackpot.  This was play $20 – $40 Limit Holdem.  My opponent was a bit of sicko… It’s been a while since I put in 6 reraises and lost.


DDOS attacks….Very Frustrating

DDOS attacks are becoming more and more familiar as everyday passes.  We currently host at one of the largest cloud providers in the world and they seem to be getting DDOS attacked on a bi weekly basis.  These DDOS attackers seem to attack these large hosting companies at the most vulnerable points. Keep in mind,
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Make your OpenCart Shopping Cart Faster RIGHT NOW!

This is a post dedicated to making OpenCart faster.   I am going to list in depth and in priority order the things that you can do to make your OpenCart install go much faster.  As a disclaimer, please backup all your files prior to doing any of this.  I am also not responsible if
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Benefits of using a CDN (Content Delivery Network): My Analysis

Why should I use a CDN….is it it worth it?  You may be asking yourself this question.  My answer to this questions is YES, you should use a CDN and here is why.  Upon deciding to use a CDN, we researched several of the top companies.  The companies included Akami, Cloudflare, Amazon Cloud Front, EdgeCast
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My First Post in a long time

This is my first post.  It’s going to be a short one, but it’s here.   I plan on sharing my thoughts, experiences and advice on several topics ranging from enterprise level web development all the way down to how to play a particular poker hand. Here’s a little bit about me: I am married
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